Cumberland Times-News

December 3, 2013

Christmas should be a time of joy and celebration for us

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Christmas is not simply a time of decoration and gift giving. It is not just a time to put up lights, a tree, decorate the lawn and housetops, have parties and enjoy the time.

It is a celebration of Christ’s birth into this world. God had a choice, and because He loved us so much, He chose to send His son, Jesus Christ to earth for us. He chose to become a vulnerable, human child.

To give us what we could not/cannot give ourselves.

He chose to come to earth, suffer humiliation, persecution and die for us, so that we could truly live.

We can decorate His entrance into the world with festive angels and stars.

But those decorations that are put up cannot mask the true purpose of His entrance into this world — to suffer and die for us, and offer a life that we cannot give ourselves.

Let us fully live the life He gave us and celebrate CHRISTmas as it truly is.

A gift from Him to us to be opened and used daily He died and rose again for us — let’s live truly for Him — and do it 365 days a year!

Mike Flanagan