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September 12, 2011

You can’t prove the theory of evolution

I read the very biased article “You can’t even do it in Texas” about creationism and science. The article was printed Sept. 10. Let me share a few thoughts with your readers.

The word science comes from a root meaning knowledge. True science does not and should not endorse unproven theories as science. Evolution, of course, is not a proven fact.

From a purely scientific basis no one has scientific proof of when or how the universe, life, man, came into existence.

Factually most people who believe in and teach evolution do so because they fear the existence of God and His creating the world they live in.

Here is the basic creed or belief of evolutionists. I have shortened it just slightly to save time. But when pushed here is the evolutionist creed. Nothing plus nothing plus time equals everything.

Can this be scientifically proved? Of course not, but it does eliminate any mention of the Creator and thus any fear of meeting Him and giving account to Him.

Look where this leaves us educationally. We don’t study the first man, Adam. We don’t study the greatest King, David. We don’t study the strongest man, Samson. We don’t study the greatest general, Joshua. We don’t study the wisest man, Solomon.

We wind up not knowing who we are, how we got here, what we are supposed to be doing, and not knowing what happens after death. And this is called first class education.

There are numerous books that refute evolution and there are many scientists who know it is fraudulent. These books are not recommended reading for discussion in our modern classroom. Why is that? If the evolutionist theory is provable, why not let the opposing views be shared in the class and let the students see the other side.

I was taught evolution in a state school years ago. The teacher said he was paid by the state to teach evolution and he would do a good job at it. He then added he did not believe in evolution and neither should we.

He mentioned we lived in an agricultural community and every farmer knew if things were left alone, whether it was livestock or crops, nothing ever evolved into anything better. In fact things got worse and not better. He was right.

Evolution is not scientifically provable, It is just wild guessing and wrong interpretation of things. It is clearly anti-god, anti-religion, and anti-reason. Don’t be taken in by such nonsense. His Glad Servant

Pastor Dallas Bunch

Bible Baptist Church


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