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August 7, 2013

Here’s a little more that people should know about Sally Pollock

The following letter is in reference to the Aug. 4 article entitled “Looking Back 1864; Teenage Rebellion, Civil War Style” by James Rada (Page 1B).

As a member of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization I have nothing but tremendous praise for Mr. Rada. His article was about the great Confederate heroine Sally Pollock.

Over the years the CHCO has made it a point to promote true U.S. history.

We realize that many Americans are educated in U.S. history. Mr. Rada’s article on Sally Pollock really covered the great history of a local woman.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to add a little information about Sally Pollock’s burial site. When Sally died in 1890 she was buried in the Pollock Cemetery located near the C&O Canal at the end of River Road in Mexico Farms.

For many years this cemetery was a weed patch. In 2001 the CHCO adopted this historic site and completely restored it.

Since that time four CHCO monuments have been installed.

One was for Sally’s brother, James Pollock, who was a Confederate veteran, and a ledger crypt was placed on his grave which tells his story in the Civil War.

In 2004 a CHCO monument was placed upon Sally’s unmarked grave, which tells a little of the information in Mr. Rada’s article.

Since then two other monuments have been erected with the latter being one to our beloved member, Renice Pollock who died last winter.

This cemetery is one of Allegany County’s most important Confederate sites. The public is always welcome to visit and read the monuments and the CHCO maintains a small path in between the site and the C&O Canal path so hikers and bikers can visit.

I would like to thank the three members who volunteer their labor to maintain this historic site for the public, Chester (Dale) Burgess Sr., Dennis Bittinger, and our CHCO President Ed Taylor Jr.

To see more photos and information on this historic site visit our website

Zelma Kelly


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