Cumberland Times-News

July 2, 2013

Law enforcement response in Pennsylvania frustrating

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I have been a bit frustrated with the lack of police protection and response as of late. From both state and borough, they do not respond about drinking and driving or speeding cars when necessary.

Does the state need to wake up or is it the police’s fault in the manner when people call in for assistance that either don’t get the service they wanted or response is slow or nothing at all?

When people pay taxes within the state or federal government, we pay these people to do a job, not to go to a coffee and doughnut break. I see people getting promoted for practically no reason. What did they actually do? If you did the work, fine, but in many cases you didn’t, so why don’t you prove it instead of a free ride?

Let’s think about this the next time we have good ones laid off and the bad rotten apples still working. How about that?

Tom Kielbasinski

Somerset, Pa.