Cumberland Times-News


July 3, 2014

Flag decorum

Raise Old Glory with pride, display with respect

— Many Americans will show their patriotism by displaying the United States flag this weekend in observance of the Fourth of July, the celebration of the nation’s birth through the colonies’ independence from Britain.

If you plan to fly the Stars and Stripes for the holiday, it is important to remember the proper etiquette for displaying and handling the flag:

• The flag is always hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

• The flag is never allowed to touch the floor or the ground.

• The flag should never be drawn back or held in folds, but always allowed to fall freely.

• The flag is never flown in inclement weather, except when using an all-weather flag.

• If flown at night, the flag should be properly illuminated.

• When displayed from a car, the flag should be firmly clamped to the vehicle, ideally on the right side.

• The flag should never have placed upon it any insignia, letter, word, picture or drawing of any nature.

• When no longer fit for display, the flag should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Sometimes referred to as Old Glory, the flag of the United States of America is a symbol that reminds us of our nation’s greatness and the irrepressible spirit of its people. Although divided on many issues in another pivotal election year, we remain united under the banner for which thousands of men and woman have spilled their blood and contributed in other ways.

It is because of this that we strive to display the flag with devotion, respect and care.

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