Cumberland Times-News


June 24, 2014

Stay on top of the situation involving the hoarding of dogs

 I will say that the “Lucky 33” dogs left abandoned has truly upset Cumberland citizens. our city is distraught about the horrific animal cruelty and hoarding that occurred on Greene Street.

I feel very proud of the Allegany County Animal Shelter and the good work they are doing every day.

To ease our minds, we would very much appreciate the media staying on top of this situation and updating us at least weekly on the dogs and the legal actions being taken against the previous owners of these wonderful dogs.

Hopefully the city will tear these two houses down so people don’t have to look at them and remind them of what took place. This should have been done long ago.

I also understand that there were puppies born after being rescued from this home.

These wonderful animals had not even seen daylight, but will now have a chance.

Thank you volunteers at the shelter and all the citizens that are donating and also giving their time to help make better days ahead for these dogs.

Harlan Smith


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