Cumberland Times-News

February 11, 2014

Thanks to all those who helped make PACE events a success

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— First, I would like to thank everyone involved with the PACE reception and breakfast. It is a herculean task requiring many volunteers from both Allegany and Garrett counties (Mountain Maryland) to make this event a success.

Let me thank the displayers for their support, the volunteers for their continued giving, and the patrons for traveling to Annapolis for two days to help support Mountain Maryland with our state legislators.

Recent media coverage has highlighted the many ways by which Allegany and Garrett counties and our municipalities have benefited through the networking that occurs before, during, and after PACE event.

The purpose of the PACE reception is to guarantee our local officials and representatives have access to policy makers and to those who control the purse strings to ensure Mountain Maryland is given fair and equal consideration and to move Mountain Maryland forward.

This is the intent of the PACE reception. Be it sewer project funding or helping with the International Whitewater event in Garrett County this year, all sorts of projects and goals are discussed and in many cases funded through these meetings.

Finally, everyone understands how important it is to use this PACE time to get to know the very people that can help Mountain Maryland. Considering all PACE events are fully privately funded through donations and gifts from our local businesses it is mevermore important to support this event.

Without your help, PACE would not exist.

Next year as we prepare for the 38th PACE reception, please support this endeavor with a contribution. PACE is the premier event in Annapolis for the whole legislative session.

Not only do the delegates and senators look forward to sharing time with the people of Mountain Maryland, but the staff that supports them, enjoy it also.

We never forget the staff since they control the legislators schedules. We give all the staff a gift bag with select items from Mountain Maryland, and they look forward to these gift bags.

So next year, if a member of PACE calls for a small donation or a gift for the breakfast door prizes, remember this event marries the delegates, senators, their staff, private businesses, non-profit organizations, the counties, state, cities, and towns personnel together to establish relationships that can only further the advancement of Mountain Maryland.

Jeff McKenzie, president

Cumberland/Allegany County Industrial Foundation