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February 23, 2014

It’s not a ‘transition,’ but a way of life for generations of people

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee {D} from Texas has suggested that we rename “Welfare” to now be called “The Transitional Living Fund.”

The Webster dictionary defines the word “transition” as follows: “passage from one state, place, stage, or subject to another.”

Ms. Jackson Lee needs to explain to the taxpayers why it is that some people on public assistant get on it at an early age and stay on it for a lifetime.

The welfare program wasn’t designed to raise generation after generation of families. It was a program that would help people get back on their feet when times were hard.

The economic downturn in 2007 was terrible for all people, people lost their jobs, homes, and their life savings to make ends meet, there are people that are working several part-time jobs but still can’t make it on their own, they should receive assistance because they are making an effort, on the other hand in to many cases some people don’t even try to find a job.

I truly believe that some of these people think WORK is a radio station.

I don’t mind helping someone who is trying but can’t catch a break, but the people who play the system should be removed from the program. The majority of these people receiving taxpayer money have never paid any money into the tax roles because they haven’t worked at all.

We now provide health insurance, housing subsides, food stamps, training programs and even cell phones to these people, so why would they want to go get a job? There is absolutely no reason to.

People that work hard all their lives don’t have some of these things. Our country is $17 trillion in debt and that’s growing every day. We must make some hard choices so that our country doesn’t end up broke.

Congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment, which simply means we can only spend what we take in, stop printing money that we don’t have.

Retirement for myself is on the horizon and I don’t want Social Security to be cut but I’m willing to sacrifice a small amount of benefits or raise the retirement age slightly to make sure my grandchildren can have something when they need it.

I hope that my comments didn’t offend anyone, but to those who take advantage of the taxpayers, shame on you. To the people who are working hard to keep your head above water, may God bless you.

Mark Alexander


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