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September 16, 2013

Bus driver shouldn’t have to ask to bring children home

At the beginning of the week, the town of Westernport started working on Walnut Street to install the new water meters.

Today (Sept. 11) the afternoon school buses had difficulty maneuvering the street as the construction workers saw the buses and kept on working.

One driver let students off at a stop that was not their regular and many students had to walk a long way home (in the heat).

The next bus had the same difficulty and some students had taken the choice to get off at a stop or two earlier because the bus was made to wait.

The second driver then told the workers that he needed to get through, the workers then moved the equipment for him to continue the route.

I called the Town Hall and was told the bus driver (the first one up the street)” did not ask the construction crew if he could get through.”

I was told that transportation was called but was not told what was said. I’m sorry but a school bus driver should not have to ask to move through to bring kids home.

Jennifer Craft


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