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April 22, 2013

Bomb threat procedures are in place, and they work well

In response to the letter to the editor, “Mineral County parents need to be informed of evacuations (April 17 Times-News),” I would like to speak my piece.

I work for Mineral County Schools and am for the most part happy with what is done in the county. Like all businesses and jobs, you will find problems.

As a parent of a child in our school system, I have learned that a person is smart but a group of people are a little less intelligent.

I put my trust in the people I work for and with every day to know what is right for my child, and if that means not telling him there is a bomb scare, that is fine with me.

My son knowing about the threat will not help him in any way.

Knowing about such a thing could cause a panic, and that could cause more damage than not being in the loop.

At my school there are around 500 students in our building.

If the parents were called when a bomb threat was made, and half would show up, it would be utter chaos.

People would rush up in a hurry to pick up little Johnny or Suzie, and that could cause accidents and injuries that could have been avoided.

This is what terrorists want. The most confusion and damage with the least effort.

The procedures we have in place work. The children are evacuated, the building searched, the calls investigated, and then when all is deemed safe, the kids are back in class. If it turns out to be something serious, the parents are notified and our children are taken to a safe environment.

The children are not going to gain anything from knowing what or why they are being taken out.

As a parent, I don’t want the stress on myself or my wife in worrying about what turns out to be nothing.

The men and women I work for and with have my son’s best interest in mind. Most, if not all of our board of education members, have children in our schools, and I am sure they are doing their best to keep our loved ones safe.

I agree that communication is a wonderful thing, but sometimes, unless you can help the situation, we don’t need to know. I feel safe knowing that my son is under the care of the men and women of the Mineral County School system.

Furthermore, if people feel that our board leaders do not do the job correctly, feel free to run, get elected, and change policy. Standing on a soap box and preaching won’t change anything.

Rick Gillespie

Ridgeley, W.Va.

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