Cumberland Times-News

August 3, 2013

Cumberland is about to lose another monument to its past

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Another bit of Cumberland goes the way of demolition. It is a shame to tear down the Memorial Hospital, as most of it is not old as buildings go.

Many years ago, following the First World War towns were building arches, statues, etc. to honor the troops. Cumberland decided to build a hospital in their honor and called it the Memorial Hospital.

Certainly this original monument can be recycled for a good purpose. We should be saving our monuments of the past for the future. One can understand why the developer pulled out.

Cumberland has a reputation as a nono place to establish a new factory or plant, that would create jobs for the bad unemployment condition in Cumberland. While not to create a “pun” on words, one can only say Cumberland’s future condition looks ”grim.”

Mel Collins