Cumberland Times-News

July 10, 2013

Other members of Congress should want issues resolved

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I completely agree with the honorable member of Congress, Sen. Rand Paul, when he said that the president has lost his “moral authority” to lead.

While the White House is currently concerning itself with global warming and reducing nuclear weapons, which are both important, they are using these items to cover for their failure to adequately respond to events such as:

• The IRS — along with their outrageous spending and lying they are the ones this administration wants to run Obamacare, which by the way is another failure of the White House.

• Benghazi — We still do not have all the answers.

• NSA — What is the extent of their spying on American citizens?

• Lying about the Department of Justice’s pursuit of certain members of the press without reason.

How much more don’t we know about this administration? Why are a majority of democrats in Congress still supporting the White House while ignoring their constituents’ calls for answers to very serious concerns? Following the “party” line is not going to work.

So Republicans, Democrats, independents, Tea Party, whatever, get to the real issues — mainly an administration out of control. Step up, members of Congress, like the honorable Rand Paul and others, who want to see these issues resolved responsibly!

Mutee Al-Mahdi