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August 1, 2013

President’s ‘war on coal’ bodes ill for our energy independence

President Obama’s June 25, 2013, Climate Action Plan is the beginning of his war on coal!

The reaction has been swift:

Cecil E. Roberts, president of The United Mine Workers of America, said, “The president’s proposal will cause hardships to coal miners, their families and communities. We continue to believe that coal must be a part of a realistic path forward as a reliable source of energy in a reduced carbon future.”

Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association, said, “If it’s not global, it won’t work.” That was the mantra in 1997 when President Clinton was urged not to enter into global warming treaties that leave out developing nations or hurt the American economy. This proposal by President Obama, in essence, does both!

This plan will have a negative impact on the coal industry in Maryland and the many families reliant on it. This country’s coal industry prevents us from having to rely on energy sources from countries that want to destroy America.

The fact is that electricity generated from coal creates and maintains more jobs, at the lowest cost, than any other energy source. Policies like this will damage our economy and raise energy costs for all Americans.

Advances in clean coal technology have enabled new coal-fueled power plants to be more efficient with lower emissions. AES, Warrior Run, in Western Maryland, is a great example.

It is a coal fired cogeneration plant that would be negatively affected by the president’s proposal. The technology needed to meet the standards set by this proposal does not yet exist.

In a previous speech by President Obama, he vowed to put all coal companies out of business... and the war has begun with this proposal!

We ask all of Maryland’s elected officials and the citizens of our great state to stand with us to protect our country’s energy independence.

Adrienne Ottaviani, executive director

Maryland Coal Association

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