Cumberland Times-News

December 23, 2012

There’s only one place to put the blame: on the shooter

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Connecticut: 20 Children's lives taken by the hands of an apparent madman.

Investors and the public alike scorn and debate gun policies and mental health background checks, reaching desperately for someone — something — anything to blame. Hoping to find solace in a new reform package or tighter regulations.

As the horror and sadness in our hearts turns to questions, let us remember that it wouldn't matter if Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook that fateful morning wielding an axe, gun, or a bomb.

He was determined to devastate not only himself, but as many innocent lives near him as possible.

And even if he only managed to harm one innocent child ... it is still just as horrific. Whether it be with a knife, gun, or his bare sinful hands.

One is too many.

So as we all reach for answers, as we all search for comfort, let us keep the blame where it belongs: On Adam Lanza.

May he rot in hell.

J.N. Warnick