Cumberland Times-News

October 10, 2013

Something is causing the water from his well to taste odd

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I am writing to let you know that you need to keep an eye on your well water.

1 bought my home here on Route 51 in 1958. We have raised three children and have had very good well water until about one month ago. We began to notice a very odd taste in the water.

I have Culligan testing it now to see what the odd taste is.

I know, and I don’t like what the state of Maryland is doing by letting the tanker trucks haul the sludge waste from Mexico Farms sludge ponds out and spread it on-the farm fields around here.

Don’t they have enough sense to know that it is getting into the streams when it rains?

The government stopped them from dumping it into the Potomac River because it got into the Bay. What do the smart but stupid people think it will do to the streams and to people’s wells here?

Because of this odd taste in our well water it may very well be costing me thousands of dollars to fix this problem.

So people, if you are on a well keep an eye on it.

William Shanholtz