Cumberland Times-News

February 25, 2013

Here’s what he didn’t tell you about sequestration

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Sen. Ben Cardin has received another email from the White House; now he can tell us what the “official spin” is about sequestration (“We must act now to avoid sequestration,” Feb. 22 Times-News).

What he didn’t tell us is most important. He didn’t tell us that this “sequestration” is/was Obama’s idea and that he, the senator, voted for this to happen.

He and the president of course are blaming those Republicans. The Republicans share in the tragedy because it passed the House also. If this is a “meat ax approach” to reducing the deficit then the Senator and Obama are the butchers.

Let’s make sure we understand what is taking place. This has absolutely nothing to do with the deficit. The $16-trillion deficit will soon be $17 trillion.

Obama and the senator are only reducing the rate of growth. There is no reduction in the deficit, only reduced spending.

As the trillions and billions of dollars spew from their mouths on savings, spending cuts, investments and increased revenue, it is evident they don’t have a clue on what they are doing and really don’t care as long as they are still in control.

The Democrats controlled both houses in Congress during Obama’s first term. How much did they cut then? Nothing, when they could have passed any legislation they wanted?

Their solution is to demonize the Republicans, the oil and gas companies, the wealthy, loopholes in the tax code (which Congress approved), and of course, everyone pay their fair share of taxes, especially the rich.

Let’s not forget to bring down health care cost. We are discovering what Nancy said is very true, “We must pass Obamacare to find out what is in it.”

They also recently passed “The American Taxpayer Relief Act” which reduced the take-home pay of every American worker. Is the ATRA an oxymoron, or are those who passed this legislation just morons?

The next solution for the senator is to create fear; which is what the president is doing with all of the screeches (speeches) about what will happen to the economy and to various groups who are on the federal payroll.

No doubt there will be hardships as result of sequestration, but remember, the president and the senator caused this to happen, it is their IDEA. Please don’t forget that in November 2014.

The senator’s statement in the last paragraph of his White House email is true. We are tired of these budget showdowns, stopgap measures, and kicking the can down the road.

We are tired of inept members of Congress who are only concerned about their power position, being politically correct, and the next election.

We are tired of being told about “transparency” when there is none, told that “not one dime will be added to the deficit for Obamacare and other Obama investments.”

Tired of the Bengasi spin from the CIA and State Department, tired of the EPA, tired of executive orders, and tired of being treated as mushrooms (keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure).

The definition of “sequester” is to (1) set off or apart, separate (2) to take possession of property for a debt, (3) to take over, confiscate, seize, especially by authority. Obama is implementing the third definition.

Sequestrum is a medical term which means; “a piece of dead tissue, especially bone, which has been separated from the surrounding healthy tissue.”

Might I suggest that this term, “sequestrum,” better describes Congress and the current White House. They are decaying tissue, which will ultimately adversely affect the health of this great nation.

Richard M. Beeghly