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June 30, 2011

Atrocities could dwarf those of World War II

Are we reliving a pre-Holocaust world? There are many similarities between Hitler’s Germany and these times. Two similarities are Darwinism and pagan spirituality.

We may be headed toward an end that may dwarf the atrocities of World War II. At the Earth Summit (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) the U.S., along with 178 countries, signed a 400-page document — Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development. It is the framework for global governance. Its directive is to reduce the human population of the world.

Abortion on demand is acceptable in the world and now the norm here (60 million legal murders). Euthanasia is legal in Belgium while assisted suicide is legal in some states. Before Hitler’s expansion, the German people built gas chambers to euthanize their own people. Later Hitler relocated the gas chambers to his death camps.

Hitler believed in Darwinism and reincarnation. The Nazi swastika was the Hindu emblem for reincarnation. When a German soldier was told to kill a Jew, or anyone considered less evolved than the master race, his actions were justified! Accordingly, evolution’s struggle for the master race results in killing the less evolved. Murder is legal. Killing is easier for the German soldier; he believes in evolution with reincarnation. Besides, weeding out the undesirables will make for a better world. He thinks: shoot the man, the women and the child. I am doing them favors. If you ever wondered how a human being could participate in these atrocities — now YOU know!

Our education system says NO to there being only one human race (biblical), creation, the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Education says YES to many races, evolution, the Quran, and any other god. They will fire teachers for being an outspoken Christian. Christian students have been expelled for reporting on the Gospel, praying in school, wearing “Jesus” shirts and telling others about Jesus. Like in former Germany, branches of our military are encouraging Wicca and ordering chaplains not to use “in Jesus’ name” in prayers. Can anyone not see where we are headed?

Our country was a Christian nation. But, our United States Constitution is secular and not Christian. There is no mention of Jesus Christ or the gospels. Although, influenced by Christianity, it is entwined with secularism. Pre-war Germany like our country had a “republic” form of government. Beginning in 1933 the Nazi regime took measures so they could legislate contrary to the their Wiemar Republic Constitution (ummm ... sound familiar?) Our country is “evolving” from Christendom to secular humanism ending in global government. As a result our light of freedom dims. Our sovereignty is diminishing. Like ancient Israel we have traded our God for pagan gods!

(1) We have “evolved” our universities from biblical-based to secular humanistic.

(2) Our justice system “evolves” from constitutional law to include case law, international case law, social justice, and Sharia law and to whatever is imaginable as long as it’s not biblical.

(3) Our economy “evolves” from free market capitalism to communitarianism (Socialism like China).

(4) Politically, Congress is “evolving” bills for a so-called better world.

(5) Some of our churches are “evolving” too. And it is not good. They are falling away from sound doctrine with less Jesus.

(6) As for our society, everything goes. Hell, we are “evolving”.

All six use compromise (Hegelian Dialectic) for “change.” Many are deceived not knowing the directed manipulation of man by man. The goal is man replaces God; Nietzshe’s superman and Hitler’s ideal.

But there is one God and one hope. He is the “unchanging” antithesis to evil. He will not compromise. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. He is the rock of ages.

Rocky Nester


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