Cumberland Times-News


July 17, 2014

Use local workers in building new Baltimore Pike travel stop

— Dear Messrs. Love & Stussi:

As a delegate to the Maryland General Assembly representing Allegany County, and specifically the City of Cumberland, I welcome you to our community as you prepare to construct a Love’s Travel Stop at the above referenced location (on Baltimore Pike).

On behalf of my constituency, I deeply appreciate your investing in our community and wish you the utmost success in this travel center venture.

Additionally, as a state legislator, I offer the services of this office to assist in resolving unanticipated permitting issues which you may encounter with various state departments and agencies.

Aside from welcoming you to Allegany County and offering the assistance of this legislative office, I take this opportunity to respectfully encourage your utilization of Allegany County contractors and subcontractors in the construction of this Love’s Travel Stop.

Additionally, I would strongly encourage Love’s exclusive utilization of the “local” membership of the Western Maryland Building & Construction Trades Council (WMBCTC) in the construction of this travel stop.

The tradesmen of WMBCTC are renowned for their quality and efficiency of construction. Utilization of the local skilled craftsmen of the WMBCTC ensures not only quality construction, but that wages paid to these tradesmen will directly benefit the Allegany County community.

Specifically, I wish to emphasize these WMBCTC members pay taxes in the Allegany County community and spend their wages benefiting an array of Allegany County businesses, which will include the new Love's Travel Stop. Finally, be assured your utilization of these local tradesmen will be deeply appreciated and long remembered by the citizens of Allegany County.

Once again, welcome to our community and if I can be of assistance, please contact me at the District Office address reflected on this letterhead.

Delegate Kevin Kelly

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