Cumberland Times-News

May 12, 2013

They’re gradually implementing Agenda 21

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The Times-News reported I “accused” President Bush and President Obama of promoting a socialist’s agenda when I spoke on behalf of the Allegany County Conservative Tea Party Caucus at the commissioner’s meeting recently (“Commissioners discuss mental health, grants,” May 4, Page 1A).

In regards to Presidents H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, I reiterated socialist Agenda 21 historical facts, but I did not even state President Obama’s name, or reference his Agenda 21 policies.

Saying someone is promoting a socialist agenda is not the same as saying they are a socialist. One cannot legally state Obama is a socialist without Obama’s card verifying he is a member of the American Socialist Party, or even the Communist Party.

Recently I spoke with New York Times bestseller, and historian, Paul Kengor. He authored a book about President Obama’s mentor and communist friend, Frank Marshall Davis. Even Professor Kengor will not state Obama is a socialist.

Kengor’s book, “The Communist,” describes Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s self-proclaimed mentor. Obama references “Frank” 22 times in Dreams of My Father. Davis authored communist books. Frank Marshall Davis’ communist card is published in Kengor’s book. But Kengor stipulates without a card verifying Obama is a socialist or communist, this statement cannot legally be made.

As discussed, using corporate Delphi strategic techniques, with nice words like “sustainable” and “vision,” the socialist plan of Agenda 21 has crept into our society.

The World Socialist’s Party Vice-President Harlem Brundland, formulated the goals of Agenda 21. In 1992, President Bush signed this United Nations action plan for world socialist change, a plan that U.S. citizens were not permitted to analyze or vote to adopt.

President Clinton brought the force of the federal government into this plan, by issuing EO 12858. Clinton directed government be reinvented by “harmonizing” environmental policies at local and state levels. Sustainable development was born.

 The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, ( ICLEI’s), are the fundamental Agenda 21 unit to implement the destruction of American representative government. The ACCTPC discovered our commissioners have not knowingly funded ICLEI’s.

“A-21,” stipulates via environmental regulation, America will develop “green corridors” where only natural animals shall roam. By the year 2050, 50 percent of America will be totally “green” for only natural animals, but not for man’s utilization, and America will be divided into 11 massive sectors, negating local, county and state control.

“A-21” ignores biblical Genesis 1:28, which establishes man’s dominion over animals, not animal’s dominion over man.

Last week, I showed a picture of two massive “wild animal only” bridges built by the Socialist European Union in Poland, despite the fact the Poles are still battling land ownership post-communism.

Agenda 21 is a takedown of America. “State” controlled citizens are to live in high-rise developments, use mass transit, and rent only “green” cars. Alabama and Georgia have made Agenda 21 illegal.

“ ... land management to develop green corridors where only animals shall roam” is directly out of recently passed Senate Bill 236. As discussed, this septic system bill 236 was fought by our commissioners. But if old septic systems overflow into the Chesapeake is the reason we passed Bill 236, why are “green corridors” stipulated in the bill?

Eighty percent of Allegany County is ranked within the prohibitive Tier 4 septic system. Bill 236, with fees and upgrades can make a private septic system cost up to $30,000! Garrett County doesn’t even drain into the Chesapeake! Other factors “damage” the Chesapeake. Maryland Rural County Coalition, “lawyer up” and fight Senate Bill 236!

Check <> . Grant Helvey, CEO <> will discuss Maryland’s Agenda 21, “Plan Maryland” Aug. 18 at 2 p.m. in the Park street Martin’s community room. Details at <>.

Jean Bialas, M.D.


President ACCTPC