Cumberland Times-News

October 30, 2012

The unintended consequences of this action will be massive

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The problem with liberals is that they can call anything whatever they like. But conservatives may have to obey other rules, which is the point of my letter.

They call it whatever they want except what it is. Abortion is “a woman’s right to choose.” An illegal immigrant is “an undocumented worker” doing nothing is “leading from behind.”

All important issues with real problems. But it is easier to rename them in politically correct terms,like the cutsy pie sarcastic nonsense such as “Paw-Paws!”

So we have a country that actually wants to remove the terms Mother and Father from their legal code, and Annie Bristow and Kenny Braitman think that it’s just fine (“The law has nothing to do with what we can call our parents,” Oct. 15 Times-News).

Everyone with any perception knows that the homosexual marriage issue is not the end to a problem, but the beginning of an agenda.

Political correctness will not only be a driving force in the deterioration of the esteem of marriage, but is already at destroying the terms Mother and Father. Within 10 years Mother’s Day and Fathers Day will be gone. What kind of world do you want children to emulate ?

Shortly after the law becomes effective it will spawn enumerable lawsuits, educational indoctrination, actuarial anomalies, financial fraud and a cultural confusion for children to fathom.

Of course, Mothers and Fathers will become “‘Traditional’ Mothers and Fathers” or footnoted as traditional Mothers and Fathers. Of course there will be those who will claim “We didn’t want it to go this far! But the genie is out of the bottle!”

What will or would we call Chaz Bono? Mother, Father? or are we restricted by political correctness to discuss the ramifications of his relationship and its impact on marriage, divorce, custody and child care.

I guess transgenderism is next. What happens when two mommies split up because “One mommy became a daddy and my other mommy doesn’t like her anymore?”

Everything is OK except Mother and Father, lets not embody those terms into our culture. We are heading “Forward” off the cliff into the abyss of insanity. Thanks to Obama ! O” Malley and yes Democrats. Their gift to the rest of us will be a culture that is unrecognizable in exchange for their blind and unrelenting ambition.

There could be no greater example of ignorance than Mr. O’Malley’s repulsive argument that gay marriage is for the strengthening and stabilization of the family unit and for the protection of children.

This is totally Orwellian and thoroughly repugnant! Ladies and gentleman we are not playing word games; this action alters our entire futures. The unintended consequences of the misnomer “Marriage Equality” are massive.

Among them is the Fifth Commandment “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

Honor thy Mother and thy Father.   ...... not parental units!

Richard Burkhart