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March 28, 2014

Banning grain alcohol in Maryland is a good idea

John M. Davis is mistaken in his March 25 letter to the editor (“Proposed ban on grain alcohol in Maryland is a bad idea”).

The elimination of alcoholic products with greater than 190 proof does not equate to prohibition, but is a common sense approach to reducing the risks of excessive alcohol consumption especially by young people.

 Every year in the United States on average 1,700 young adults die as a result of alcohol poisoning. Many of them are university students. Many others suffer injury and other negative consequence.

Young adults enjoying their freedom, some consuming alcohol for the first time are placed at great risk of harm when consuming colorless, tasteless, odorless high concentration grain alcohol which is often concealed in fruity drinks referred to as “Jungle Juice.”

After becoming quickly and extremely intoxicated, often to the point of incapacitation, they are also at great risk of sexual assault.

 As a police chief who sees the tragic results far too often, I for one applaud this common-sense legislative action. The safety of the Frostburg State University community is enhanced by the passage of this law.

Cynthia R. Smith, Chief

Frostburg State University Police


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