Cumberland Times-News

September 1, 2013

Labor Day

Workers helped make America great

Cumberland Times-News

—  The question has been asked, “Where else but America would everyone take the day off in honor of work?”

Of course, not everyone is taking today off for Labor Day. Police, firefighters, emergency services workers — those we call “first responders” — aren’t taking the day off, nor are many others who work in hospitals, power plants or other vital sectors of our society.

The former Soviet Union had its own version of Labor Day, in which people worked without pay as what could be considered a gesture of appreciation for the state. (Note the phrase, “former Soviet Union.”)

America would not be what it is today without its working men and women, whether they be farmers, teachers, steel workers, coal miners, plumbers, members of the military, bank CEOs or even presidents of the United States. Every job is important in its own way.

America and its allies could not have won World War II without America’s troops, but neither could they have won without America’s working men and women who built the ships and airplanes, grew the food, or did anything else productive on behalf of the war effort.

None of America’s accomplishments could have been realized without our working men and women, whether they be the pioneers who expanded our frontiers on this continent or the astronauts and men and women who built the rockets and vehicles that took them into outer space — the so-called “final frontier.”

Our country has been having economic troubles for some time now, but it has a strong base from which to forge a recovery.

Many of our businesses remain strong and vital, and we still have our share of hard workers to call upon.

Despite what anyone says to the contrary, Americans have a tremendous work ethic, and they are proud of it.

Take the day off, those of you who can. You deserve it. Thanks for what you do.