Cumberland Times-News

December 17, 2012

Local economy suffers due to deals with out-of-town vendors

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I am writing to let the citizens of Maryland know how the state is wasting their hard earned money.

The department of general services, under a blanket purchase order dated April 26, 2012, through April 29, 2013 through the Western States Contracting Agreement, is obligated to purchase products out of town, that can be bought in Allegany County at a lower price.

The state agencies have no choice but to buy their products from this vendor and because of this outrageous decision that was made by our lawmakers out of Annapolis, our local economy is suffering.

The lawmakers say to support your local community, buy local when you can, but really those are just words meant for re-election.

I have no problem with the state using this vendor, when they are less expensive, but they never are. The state should be required to obtain three bids with the low bid getting the contract. As it is now they just buy from this vendor no matter what the price is.

Small business in Allegany County is getting smaller and we in part have the state to thank for this.  Why is the state wasting our tax dollars?

Craig Leasure