Cumberland Times-News

December 19, 2012

Democratic leader leaving, offers thanks for support

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— For the past four years, it has been a tremendous honor to work with you as we’ve elected leaders in Maryland and across our country who fight to advance the Democratic principles of fairness, diversity and opportunity that we all share.

The last two years as executive director have left me with more appreciation for Maryland Democrats than ever before.

Next month, I will be leaving my post and the Maryland Democratic Party. This organization has meant so much to me and will continue to as I take my next steps.

The leadership of Chair Yvette Lewis, our state party’s officers, and executive committee has provided a phenomenally strong commitment to ensuring that our party continues to grow in inclusiveness, productivity and purpose.

I can also say with certainty that the collection of staffers here at MDP is among the most talented, effective and hardworking state party teams in our country.

Over the past four years I’ve had a front row seat as together we re-elected our governor, both U.S. Senators, achieved victory in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, secured Democratic gains in the General Assembly and twice claimed the White House for Democrats.

I’ve also seen Maryland Democrats come together in the service of our collective causes, aiding and supporting each other in every moment and every step of the way: filling campaign offices, donating supplies for volunteers and lending time, talent and heart.

There is something unique and very special about Democrats here in our state; we’re not just a crowd of voters, but a community of committed Democratic activists who want the best Maryland for every Marylander regardless of where they live or come from.

Those values are what make us strong; those values bring out the best in our party; and, it’s those values that will continue to lead us to victory in cycles to come.

Thank you so much,

David Sloan, executive director

Maryland Democratic Party