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  • Rescue squad seeking sub-station in McCoole

    The Tri-Towns Rescue has shown an interest in providing a sub-station in McCoole to provide emergency medical services for our area. They are interested in purchasing the old fire station to house their equipment and operate out of.

    April 4, 2014

  • Fort Hood Fort Hood

    A TV show we watched not long ago told the
    story of a decorated war veteran, a one-time
    hero who had fallen on hard times. Troubled and
    unable to succeed in life, he became an alcoholic
    and alienated his family and friends.

    April 3, 2014 1 Photo

  • Summer shouldn’t mean hunger for children

    As a child, I always looked forward to the
    carefree joy of summertime. I remember the
    long days of playing outside at a nearby park
    until I needed to
    come home for

    April 3, 2014

  • For shame For shame

    The Maryland House of Delegates took a gutless approach Tuesday when it refused to require a vote on a salary hike for delegates and senators. Instead of answering a roll call vote on how each delegate stands on the pay raise, the lawmakers opted to merely let the increase take effect without their involvement.

    April 2, 2014 1 Photo

  • Does ‘Cash for Clunkers’ ease your fears about Obamacare?

    Does everyone have very short memories, or do you remember the “Cash For Clunkers” program that was implemented by the Obama administration and passed by Congress?

    April 2, 2014

  • Why must he pay a surcharge for something he doesn’t use?

    Your article on AES Warrior Run was very informative (“AES Warrior Run: Local plant the future of coal energy,” Regional Update Page 1, March 25 Times-News).

    April 2, 2014

  • Attitude toward public education is the problem

    Two recent letters to the editor suggested that the Allegany County School Board rescind its vote to build a new Allegany High School given the limited local funding provided by the Allegany County commissioners (“Why not  eliminate the cafeteria, too? That will save money,” March 30 Times-News; “New school is a bad hand; now is time to fold it,” March 26.)
    Both letter writers pointed out the ridiculous notion of having a high school with no auditorium, inadequate classroom space and no practice fields.

    April 1, 2014

  • Banning grain alcohol will send it to the underground economy

    I'm writing in response to the chief of Frostburg State University Police on rebutting me with her thought that banning grain alcohol is a good idea, while my idea is that banning grain alcohol is a bad idea (“Banning grain alcohol in Maryland is a good idea,” March 29 Times-News).

    April 1, 2014

  • Just like Md. Just like Md.

    An old expression refers to “feeding at the public trough.” If you’re the one who does the feeding, you probably feel differently about the phenomenon than those who are responsible for keeping the trough filled.

    March 31, 2014 1 Photo

  • Find your treasure on historic National Road

    Enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” by attending or participating in Maryland’s longest continuous yard sale.

    March 31, 2014