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October 6, 2012

Bears rule Garrett roost

Mike Sawyers,

In response to (Outdoor Mailbox of Sept. 23) “Bears are a plague,” Mr. Nicol couldn’t have said it any better. We would rather see deer, turkeys, squirrels and rabbits, not bears or coyotes.

Annapolis doesn’t have a clue what problems bears are causing here in Allegany and Garrett counties. They don’t care because, as Mr. Nicol states, they aint no bears in Annapolis.

My wife and I are retired and farm our land in Garrett County.

We enjoy hunting, but with the bear problem my wife will not go out hunting alone.

She has had encounters with bears before while riding our ATV.

My first bow hunt this season I was sitting on the ground, I heard a noise, faintly, as I am hearing impaired and, when I turned to look there was a bear about 20 yards away. Fortunately, the bear saw me and ran. But what if it didn’t run?

The article on the same Outdoors page (Camper-mauling black bear killed), this could happen to some hunter in Maryland.

Bears have destroyed much of our corn and oats crop and damaged a lot of our pear trees.

Farmers take a big loss, but can’t get a permit to hunt them.

We feed them and someone else hunts them. I have applied for six years to get a permit, but without success.

This year there were 4,027 applications for permits and only 340 were picked. At $15 an applicant, Maryland collected $60,405. What does Annapolis do with this money? Why not use this money to pay homeowners and farmers for the damage caused by the bears?

Why not open the season for one day so every applicant that paid $15 can hunt until the maximum (bear harvest) has been reached? One day is better than giving Annapolis $15 a year for nothing.

As a Garrett County resident, we pay taxes, but somehow we don’t get the same treatment as all the other counties.

Here in Almost Maryland we cannot get any local Maryland TV stations.

If you live in Garrett County, you can only get Pittsburgh stations. Who made this stupid law? We live in Maryland, not Pennsylvania, so we should have Maryland stations.

George East



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