Cumberland Times-News


December 28, 2013

Says Garrett deer numbers low; action needs to be taken by wildlife agency


In response to your recent article concerning the deer harvest (Buck harvest up in Allegany, down in Garrett, Dec. 20); while Deer Project Leader Brian Eyler theorizes on another season of declining harvest numbers in Garrett County, hunters here continue to deal with extremely low deer numbers.  

How many seasons of decline will we endure before changes are made?  

The recent comment made citing weather and Tropical Storm Sandy for this year’s decline are truly a display of ignorance from DNR.

Will they ever admit that predation and liberal antlerless permits are taking their toll?  

There needs to be a change.

While DNR has newly appointed positions at the top levels, maybe it’s time for a review at the ground level.

Yes, it has really gotten that bad here in Maryland’s most western county.      

Joe Schroyer


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