Cumberland Times-News

December 22, 2012

Are we heading backwards to 1950s?

Cumberland Times-News

— Mike Sawyers,

Concerning the article “Buck kill in Allegany down from last season, Dec. 14,” how many years are we going to have to read the same old crap?

Deer harvests down because of a plentiful harvest of acorns, as Mr. Brian Eyler of the Wildlife & Heritage Service reports?

Does Mr. Eyler not know that a very large percentage of deer hunters hunt where the acorns fall? Does Mr. Eyler not know that bear and coyotes eat a lot of the fawns in the spring? Does he not know that long deer seasons, liberal deer harvests and harvesting does after the rut, just might have something to do with low deer numbers?

The Department of Natural Resources and the Wildlife & Heritage Service have never managed our deer population for those of us that hunt them.

They have always managed our deer herds catering to the insurance lobbyists and to sell licenses and extra fee stamps.

I will end my rant by asking those that hunt the upcoming black powder season to please refrain from shooting pregnant does.

If not, we’re headed to the deer populations of the 1950s.

Ken Hedrick