Cumberland Times-News

January 19, 2013

Opposes higher cost for Md. hunting license

Cumberland Times-News

—   I’m writing this to you because I don’t know who or how to get in touch with the sponsors of this bill (Bill would raise cost of license for most Maryland hunters/Jan. 6 Times-News).

First of all I am totally against any increases in the hunting licensing structure.

If they do go against the will of the people, (just like most democratic folks back east want to do), then let the people in zone 2 pay it. Those people are the ones who can go out and shoot an unlimited number of deer while us in Garrett and Allegany county have seen a dwindling number that we can harvest.

They can go out and in a week’s time fill the freezer for everybody in their neighborhood while we have trouble filling ours during the whole seasons.

Timothy Gift

Mountain Lake Park