Cumberland Times-News

September 21, 2013

This one got away, but only for a day

Cumberland Times-News

— Dear Outdoor Editor,

While fishing in Quebec recently, my friend Dave Sanford caught a 26-inch pike on a popping frog in six feet of water. We suddenly discovered that the boat net had a gaping hole. The fish was obviously too large to just drag in the boat without breaking the light line.

In trying to land the pike with a special and expensive tool, which lips the fish, I failed to put on the wrist lanyard. The fish jerked, breaking the line and taking both the lure and tool with it to the bottom of the lake.

Lure gone, $60 tool gone, leaving two very dispirited and disgusted fishermen. However, the story has a happy ending.

The next day, while fishing at least 150 yards from where the fish was lost, we found the pike, belly up, but alive, in about 10 feet of water. With a lure retriever and dip net (without a hole in it) we got the fish in the boat and couldn’t believe our good luck.

The tool and popping frog were carefully removed from the fish. The pike was released and with a flip of its tail returned to the deep water from whence it came, seemingly no worse for wear except it probably had a rather sore throat.

It is a great story with four witnesses including Don Weser, Edge Deuel and Ron Faltz.

Ebb Spiker