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August 3, 2013

This reader was lucky two times

Cumberland Times-News

— Mike,

I just got home from spending a couple of weeks with my grandkids and decided to catch up on my reading.

What a wonderful article this past Sunday, July 28 (Those of us are lucky, who...). By the time I finished it I was tearing up.

It brought back so many memories of hunting with my Dad back in the ’50s and ’60s. My first gun, a 16 gauge J. C. Higgins single barrel, I still squirrel hunt with it as I do with Daddy's model 12.

The article really hit home with me because after my Dad died in 1968, my second Dad, the late Buck Waugerman, took me under his wing.

I might have quit hunting and fishing all together if it wouldn’t have been for Buck. I hunt with Buck’s deer rifle now.

I’ve been lucky twice. Every once in a great while I’ll read a story or article that really pulls at my heart strings. This is one of them. Thanks for doing what you do.

Jeff Nealis