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January 19, 2014

Not keen on antler point restrictions

Dear Mike,

Still read and enjoy

each and every one of

your columns.

I’m concerned about

the possibility of antler

point restrictions in

upcoming hunting seasons.

As you know, my eyes are closer to 70 than to

60 and I got a 6-point buck this year with my

crossbow. Not bragging, just a lead into the

next of text.

The point I’m trying to target (no pun intended)

is: I shot this buck at 8 yards. I knew he

wasn’t a spike but had no clue regarding number

of points.

This scenario took place in the space of

about five seconds. Had I been trying to count

points, fidgeting around, etc., and thus signaling

to him of where I was in my convertible

ground blind, I may very well have not gotten

the shot and my freezer would only have trout

and squirrels in it.

I do not use a scope on my crossbow. I do use

scopes on my muzzleloader and rifle and even

when using scopes I have great difficulty

counting points.

Maybe it’s my eyes or my choice of hunting

from the ground or possibly the sheer mesmerization

that still occurs when I see him coming.

I’m all for not shooting spikes, but to try and

count points would take away from the spiritual

joy I receive from hunting our precious monarchs

of the woods.

And, if the joy leaves, the hunter may leave

with it.

We’re seeing fewer and fewer hunters in our

forests. Why make up rules that could even

lessen those numbers.

I never ask a fellow hunter how many points

his buck had. I’m more interested in how much

meat he got from that dear deer’s sacrifice.

I would enjoy hearing other hunters’

thoughts and concerns about this subject as

well as those in the farming community.

Would you please forward my concerns to

the Department of Natural Resources. Ron McOFladrtloawnnd

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