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January 19, 2014

Trophy measuring session scheduled at Huntingdon, Pa. on February 15

HUNTINGDON, Pa. — A deer antler and bear skull

measuring session will take place in Huntingdon on Feb.

15 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., according to Pennsylvania

Game Commission Southcentral Regional Director Brad


Hunters may bring their whitetail deer antlers and black

bear skulls to the National Guard Readiness Center on

Route 26 in Huntingdon.

Officials from the Pennsylvania Game Commission will

be on hand to do the official scoring per Boone and Crockett


“Since we’ve had antler restrictions in place for several

years now, more mature bucks are being taken. The additional

age has resulted in larger antlers so there should be

some impressive racks brought in to be measured.

This means some good bucks could go into the record

books” said Wildlife Conservation Officer Barry Leonard.

Hunters should bring their license and tag associated

with the animal they want scored.

Persons bringing in skulls or antlers from other sources

are asked to bring any documentation showing where and

who harvested the animal.

Mounts and cleaned antlers and skulls that have dried

for 60 days are eligible to be scored. The session is free and

open to the public.

Many people enjoy coming to view the trophies and hear

the hunters’ stories, officials said.

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