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June 21, 2014

Bears shot, killed

Two others die on Interstate 68

— The number of bears to be struck and killed on Maryland highways has risen to nine this year.

On June 9, a 150-pound male bear died on Interstate 68 one mile west of Keysers Ridge. Both air bags deployed in the car, which was disabled.

On June 10, a male bear weighing 153 pounds perished on I-68 two miles east of M.V. Smith Road in Allegany County.

Also on June 10, the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service received a report about a bear being struck on I-68 at Lower New Germany Road in Garrett County, but the animal could not be found.

On June 11, a property owner on Wilson Corona Road in Garrett County fatally shot a 104-pound male bear that had been killing chickens. Clarissa Harris of the WHS said agency personnel confirmed the predation and had viewed video of the bear taken by the property owner, who was then given permission to take out the bear if it returned.

On June 12, a nuisance bear was trapped at the Yough Mountain Club. “It had been hanging out there and showing no fear of humans,” Harris said. The 129-pound sow was fitted with a radio collar and released on site.

On June 13, a report was received that a bear attempted to get a pig out of a pen along U.S. Route 50 directly across from the Backbone Mountain Sports Shop in Garrett County. Harris said the pig was scratched up, but not seriously injured. WHS suggested to the pig’s owner that electric fencing be used to deter bears.

On June 13, a 375-pound bear was shot and killed in Rawlings after it had swatted at a dog on a second-story deck of a South Conda Way home. “Apparently the bear rolled down the steps of the deck and was in the yard not moving when our response team got there,” Harris said. “The bear appeared to not be able to use its back legs and was euthanized.” Harris said the male bear had been ear-tagged a year ago in LaVale. The bear is being tested for rabies.

There have been a number of nuisance complaints called into the wildlife agency, including one that a bear had killed chickens at Crossland Lane in Rawlings on June 13.

To report bear incidents in Allegany County, call the Maryland Wildlife Service at 301-777-2136. In Garrett County, call 301-334-4255. Outdoor Editor Mike Sawyers may be contacted at 301-784-2523.

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