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February 1, 2014

Blown nose brings buck on the run

JACKSON, Miss. — Ron

Manning has hunted deer for

54 years.

He thought he had saw

almost every scenario imaginable,

until recently.

“I started deer hunting

when I was 16 years old, and

I’ve seen them do a lot of

things from eating grape bubble

gum and getting it all over

them to what I saw last Tuesday,”

the Hinds County man

said in an article by Brian

Albert Broom in The Clarion-


Manning woke at 6 a.m. and

debated hunting at all. Sitting

on his back porch, Manning

figured, “Well, heck, I’m going

to go.”

In the stand 30 minutes late,

Manning did his usual routine

of cleaning his scope, glasses

and binoculars when something

out of his routine happened.

“From 7:05 to 7:15, I

sneezed nine times,” Manning

said. “I put my mouth in my

elbow and tried to (muffle) it in

my camo.”

Figuring he’d blown his

chance at a deer for at least

another hour, Manning decided

to take that opportunity to

blow his nose. That’s when it


“I leaned over to my right

and a 17-inch, 8-point came

roaring in,” Manning said. “He

had his ears laid back, his eyes

glazed over and the hair

standing up on his back.

“Obviously, I said something

to upset him because he came

to fight. He wasn’t cautious.

He came in running.”

Apparently the buck, blinded

by testosterone and anger,

confused Manning’s sinus

attack for another buck in his

area and wasn’t going to let

the trespasser slide.

“He was wide open, coming

to me,” Manning said. “I shot

him at 25 yards.”

Still amused by the deer’s

fatal mistake, Manning joked

that instead of a grunt/wheeze

call, this deer fell victim to a


“I wish I knew exactly what I

did so I could duplicate it,”

Manning said.

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