Cumberland Times-News


April 13, 2013

Wildlife harassment upsetting

I’m an avid outdoors person and saw some terrible things on the tow path this weekend in Cumberland. Perhaps someone could do a small article about sharing the outdoors with our wildlife and the importance of leaving nature alone.  

I came on what I thought was a group of teen-agers throwing rocks at the turtles in the canal, as I came closer I saw it was a family with parents. The parents were allowing their kids to throw rocks and large sticks at the turtles and laughing when the turtles ran or jumped into the water. Next I saw adults with sticks putting small garter snakes in empty soda bottles and others trying to kill the snakes with sticks.  

I did my best to convince the people to stop but I was looked at like I had a third head.

I felt so bad for the turtles and snakes.

Maybe now that the weather is warmer and more people are out walking it would be a good time for an article for the general public on wildlife safety and common sense.

Melissa Blank


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