Cumberland Times-News

April 13, 2013

No CWD in recently tested deer

Cumberland Times-News

— WYE MILLS — The Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service submitted samples from 278 deer during 2012-2013 to be tested for the presence of chronic wasting disease.

None was found to have the disease, according to Wildlife Biologist George Timko.

Thus, the tally of Maryland deer testing positive for CWD remains at one.

The majority of the recent samples came from hunter-killed deer, within the CWD Management Area of Allegany and Western Washington counties, according to Timko.

 Eleven of the samples were from sick animals submitted by agency staff from across the state. Only a couple of the sick animals were from Allegany County.

The remainder of the samples were from healthy looking deer, most of which were killed by hunters, though  a few were taken via crop damage permits and a few were road kills.

The Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System, Harrisburg, tested the majority of samples.