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April 6, 2013

Hunt without passing course in West Virginia

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Apprentice Hunting and Trapping License (Class AH) is now available, according to Frank Jezioro, director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

The license allows people to try hunting without completing a hunter education course.

“Hunter safety education can be a hurdle for novice hunters and we’re really expecting to see many new hunters take advantage of this opportunity,” said Jezioro. “After these novice hunters get a taste of the experience, we believe they will complete hunter safety courses and become lifetime hunters.”

Apprentice licenses can only be purchased online at: by people who have not previously held a hunting license. Residents who are at least 18 can purchase a Class AH license for $19.

 This license includes the same privileges as a Class A (resident hunting and trapping) license, so holders must also buy a Class CS Conservation Stamp.

Nonresidents 18 and older can purchase a Class AAH license for $119.

These licenses include the same privileges as the Resident Class A and nonresident Class E licenses. Therefore, purchasers must also buy a Class CS/LE Conservation Stamp/Law Enforcement stamp.

Resident and nonresident youth ages 15 through 17 can buy a Junior Apprentice Hunting and Trapping License for $16.

Hunters may buy up to three apprentice licenses within five consecutive years.  Apprentice license holders must be supervised by a licensed hunter at least 18 years of age.

“We’re hoping this license will help us recruit first-time hunters, whether they be youth just getting a start or adults wanting to give hunting a try,” said Curtis I. Taylor, chief of the Wildlife Resources Section of DNR. “Hunter recruitment is a prime topic around the country and is key to continuing the successful management programs we have implemented in the past.”

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