Cumberland Times-News


November 9, 2013

Where have all the critters gone?

Mr. Sawyers,

I was just looking at your “Squirrels?  Who cares?” article from Aug. 25, ’12.

I spent (a recent) weekend camping and hunting (turkey and squirrel) at Green Ridge State Forest. I hunted two different areas in the forest and hiked a total of at least 12 miles.  

I’d hike a ways and then sit for 20 minutes or so. And yes, I know how to keep unobserved when hunting. All weekend long I saw a total of two squirrels (counting the one I saw crossing the road on our way in).  

I also noticed that there were fairly few birds. I saw only a few finches/wrens, but no cardinals, jays, etc. Saw a spike crossing the road and saw only one pile of deer pellets.

It was pretty weird sitting in woods that were so devoid of little critters.  Something is definitely wrong up there.

Geoff Garner



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