Cumberland Times-News

October 13, 2012

Bear Watch - 10/14/2012

Cumberland Times-News

— The number of bears killed on Maryland roads during 2012 has risen to 37, according to an unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News.

On Oct. 3, a 41-pound female cub was killed on Bumble Bee Road in Garrett County.

On Oct. 10, a 144-pound female died on Interstate 68 at Keysers Ridge and a 220-pound male bruin was struck and killed on I-68 six miles west of Keysers Ridge.

There have been three reports of bear/vehicle collisions at which the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service could not find dead or injured bruins.

• Two in recent days on state Route 39 near Crellin in Garrett County.

• One on Oct. 9 on Interstate 68 in eastern Allegany County one mile east of the 15-Mile Creek exit.