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June 15, 2013

Bear Watch - 06/16/2013

The number of bears killed on Maryland highways during 2013 has risen to 12, according to an unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News.

On June 10, a male bear weighing 145 pounds was struck and killed on state Route 135 a little uphill from Bloomington in Garrett County.

On June 12, Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service staff investigated a report of a dead bear near Corriganville. “We found a decomposed carcass in the middle of the train tracks,” said Clarissa Harris. “It was too badly decomposed to gather any info from.”

On June 11, a bear attempted to enter a home on Table Rock Road in Garrett County. The animal ripped a stove exhaust pipe from the side of the house, damaged siding and broke glass in a storm door. Harris said the homeowner heard the noise but initially thought it was his children. A trap has been set.

To report bear incidents in Allegany County, call the Maryland Wildlife Service at 301-777-2136. In Garrett County, call 301-334-4255. Outdoor Editor Mike Sawyers may be contacted at 301-784-2523.

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