Cumberland Times-News


April 12, 2014

Bear Watch

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is advising Western Maryland residents to take measures to avoid unwelcome visits from hungry black bears.

The agency said recently that bears are leaving their winter dens and  searching for food.

Residents are urged to lock their garbage in bear-proof containers or keep it inside until trash pickup day.

The agency also recommends rinsing trash cans with ammonia to eliminate food odors, keeping cooking grills clean or indoors, and removing birdfeeders

from yards from April through November.

On April 4, the number of bears killed on Maryland highways this year rose to two. A 60-pound male bear died after being struck on Herrington Manor Road in Garrett County.

To report bear incidents in Allegany County, call the Maryland Wildlife Service at 301-777-2136. In Garrett County, call 301-334-4255. Outdoor Editor Mike  Sawyers may be contacted at 301-784-2523.

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