Cumberland Times-News

April 12, 2014

Political effort fails to stop Nebraska mountain lion hunts

Cumberland Times-News

— LINCOLN, Neb. — Recently, the Nebraska Senate failed to override the  governor’s veto of LB 671—the mountain lion hunting ban. Pushed by Senator Ernie Chambers, the motion which needed 30 votes to pass only garnered 24 yes votes.

“This is a huge win for sportsmen and scientific wildlife management,” said Nick Pinizzotto, U.S.Sportsmen’s Alliance President and CEO. “Nebraska sportsmen should thank Governor Dave Heineman for vetoing this bill—and the sportsmen-friendly legislators that sustained the veto.”

In March, the Nebraska legislature passed the bill that removes the authority

of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to manage the state’s growing mountain lion population. Chambers has vowed to oppose every proposal of the state’s Game and Parks Commission until the mountain lion season is banned.

Heineman vetoed the bill. In his veto message, Heineman stated “Nebraskans

expect responsible wildlife management. LB 671 eliminates an important tool used to accomplish it.”