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May 18, 2013

‘Somebody flipped the switch’

The number of bears to die

on Maryland roadways this

year has risen to nine since

April 11, according to the

unofficial count maintained

by the Cumberland Times-


On April 11, a 55-pound

female bear that had been

severely injured by a car

strike on Glendale Road in

Garrett County had to be put


On April 28, a 108-pound

female died on Interstate 68

near the Little Orleans exit in

Allegany County.

On April 29, a male of 280

pounds was killed in Frederick

County on U.S. Route 270

near Dr. Perry Road.

On May 2, a 100-pound

female perished on state

Route 36 near Westernport.

On May 6, a 112-pound

male was struck and killed

on I-68 on Polish Mountain

in Allegany County.

“Somebody flipped the

switch,” said Clarissa Harris

of the Maryland Wildlife &

Heritage Service, referring to

nuisance bear activity. Bears

have been trapped and aversively

conditioned with noise,

pepper spray and rubber

buckshot at several Western

Maryland locations.

On April 30, a 300-pound

male was trapped on Piney

Mountain Road at Pryor

Lane for tearing a door off a

shed seeking trash and then

on May 3, at the same location,

a 209-male bear was


On May 1, at Gravely Road

in Garrett County, a 115-

pound sow that would rest on

a porch was trapped.

On May 2, at Gramlich

Road in LaVale, a 200-pound

male that had been at birdfeeders

was trapped.

There have been two home

entries by bears at the Sky

Valley development at Deep

Creek Lake. On April 17, a

bear entered through a screen

door and scattered trash in

the kitchen. On May 9, a

homeowner returned at 4:30

p.m. and saw a bear running

out the sliding glass door that

it had opened to enter the

house before eating dog food

in the living room.

Traps have been set at the

refuse station near

Grantsville and in Little

Orleans where a bear

climbed onto a porch.

“We were called to Wills

Creek near Cumberland

where someone reported a

dead bear in the water, but it

turned out to be a Teddy

bear,” Harris said.

To report bear incidents in Allegany

County, call the Maryland Wildlife Service

at 301-777-2136. In Garrett County,

call 301-334-4255. Outdoor Editor Mike

Sawyers may be called at 301-784-2523.

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