Cumberland Times-News


May 18, 2013


TOP LEFT: John Quinn, Cumberland, harvested his

first gobbler, a 22-pounder with an 8-inch beard and

1-inch spurs. Quinn was hunting on private land in

Allegany County on April 19.

TOP RIGHT: Robert “Red” Logsdon, Cumberland,

bagged this 20-pound gobbler May 6 on the Warrior

Mountain Wildlife Managment Area. The bird had a

10-inch beard and spurs slightly longer than an inch.

It was Logsdon’s second gobbler this spring.

RIGHT: On April 26 in Garrett County, Elwood Glass of

LaVale killed a 23-pound gobbler with a 9-inch

beard and 7⁄8-inch spurs after the bird attacked his

jake decoy.

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