Cumberland Times-News

May 18, 2013

Canaan now has sporting clay range

Cumberland Times-News

— DAVIS, W.Va. — A new

sporting clays, five-stand

clay target field is set to

open in West Virginia at

Canaan Valley Resort

State Park during Memorial

Day weekend.

“The sport of trap

shooting is popular and

this provides another outdoor

activity that visitors

and guests at Canaan Valley

Resort can enjoy,” said

Frank Jezioro, director of

the West Virginia Division

of Natural Resources.

The shooting field is

located in the Canaan Valley

Tube Park area. The

location creates a multiuse

complex that can be

enjoyed seasonally for two

different recreational


Shooters fire five

rounds from a shotgun

from each shooting position

for a total 25 shots in

an individual round.

The trap can be set for

an easy repetitive bird

flight path for beginning

shooters, or on automatic/

wobble for more

advanced shooters. The

launcher fires birds (clay

discs) using a variety of

angles and heights. The

trap resets itself automatically

after each shot so

the shooter is never sure

which flight path the bird

will take.