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July 20, 2013

Calling them crossguns is OK with me

... and what’s up with rock snot


Eyler said he expects the percentage of crossbow kills in the overall archery harvest to increase some more.
“Their popularity hasn’t plateaued in Maryland,” he said.
Both of my crossbows are loud, though the Excalibur Axiom seems to make more noise than the Barnett Jackal.
Although the speed of sound is 1,126 feet per second and the speed of my bolts are about 315 feet per second, the deer I have shot at have not had time to duck the arrow.
However, I recognize that my three shots have been close ones, from 12 to 15 yards.
The compound (Barnett) is noticeably heavier than the recurve (Excalibur).
The recurve has a greater horizontal spread, making it difficult to use in my PHT (Pappy’s Hunting Tent), but the compound works well there. The blind is actually the Trekker T-100. I have three of them. I understand that Maryland’s wild turkeys have hired a lobbyist and are attempting to make them illegal.
Eyler said there is still sentiment among some vertical bow users that crossbows should not be allowed during archery season. “But it has waned,” he said. “We don’t hear as much of it nowadays.”


Doo wah diddy, didymo, didymo
Remember that didymo stuff? Maybe you think of it more by its street name, rock snot. Whichever name you choose, it is the algae that carpets the bottom of some trout streams and the reason the Maryland Fisheries Service outlawed the use of felt-bottomed footwear in 2011.
The agency saw felt soles as a way the microscopic rock snot cells could be transferred from one trout stream to another.
At our request, Ron Klauda of the Department of Natural Resources provided a didymo update.
“The good news is that since didymo was first reported and confirmed in the Gunpowder in early 2008, it has shown up since in only three other locations in Maryland: Big Hunting Creek (Frederick County), North Branch Potomac River (Allegany and Garrett), and the lower Savage River (Garrett),” Klauda wrote.

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