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July 6, 2014

Bear Watch

More black bears struck, killed on Maryland highways

Clarissa Harris of the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service said a cub was struck twice on June 26 on U.S. Route 40 near the Hill Top Fruit Market in Grantsville. A crew searched for the bear but could not find it.

Through July 1, there have been 18 bears struck and killed on Maryland highways, according to the unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News.

The two most recent incidents were on June 26 when a 164-pound male bear died on Interstate 68 in Allegany County uphill from the Rocky Gap State Park entrance and on June 29 in Garrett County when a 76-pound male bear was killed on I-68 at Lower On July 1, a 75-pound male bear was killed by a motorcycle on Herrington Manor Road, injuring the operator and a passenger.

Bear attacks, injures Morgantown woman

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — A Morgantown area woman is recovering after being attacked by a black bear.

Kelly Dale tells The Dominion
Post that she walked into a dangerous situation on the night of June 25, when she found herself between a mother bear and its cub. The enraged bear swatted at her head and straddled her after knocking her down.

The attack lasted only about five seconds but left Dale with a lacerated scalp, bruised ribs and a sprained ankle.

Dale says that as a mother herself, she really can’t blame the bear. In her words: “She was just doing what she was supposed to do.”

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