Cumberland Times-News


November 9, 2013

Bear Watch - 11/10/2013

Three more bears struck and killed on Maryland highways

The number of bears to perish on Maryland roads during 2013 has risen to 36, according to an unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News.

On Nov. 3, a 75-pound male was hit on state Route 135 in Bloomington and a 104-pound male died on Beckman’s Peninsula Road near Deep Creek Lake.

On Nov. 6, a 129-pound male bear died on Interstate 68 near Old Morgantown Road in Garrett County.

Two traps have recently been set for bears. One is along Piney Mountain Road in Allegany County where a bear broke a window and entered an enclosed porch in an attempt to get trash. The other is in the Warrior Mountain area of Allegany County where bears have damaged fruit and corn.

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