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August 31, 2013

Black Bears Kill

Nine of the victims were younger than 10


May 21, 1983: Clifford David Starblanket, 26, a trapper near Canwood, Saskatchewan, suffered a fatal attack to his head and throat.

May 27, 1983: Melvin Rudd, 55, was killed while fishing near Nipawin Provincial Park, Saskatchewan.

July 6, 1983: Daniel Anderson, 12, was pulled from a tent while camping at La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve, Quebeck. His body was found 100 feet away.

May 26, 1991: James Waddell, 12, was dragged from a tent at Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta, and killed.

Oct. 11, 1991: Raymond Jakubauskas, 32, and Carola Frehe, 48, were setting up camp at Aglonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, when a black bear broke their necks. The bear dragged the bodies into the woods and consumed them. When police arrived five days later, the bear was shot while guarding the remains.

June 14, 1992: Sebastien Lauzier, 20, was attacked and killed while taking soil samples near Cochrane, Ontario.

July 8, 1992: Darcy Staver, 33, died at Glennallen, Alaska, after a bear entered her cabin. She and her husband fled to the roof. While Staver’s husband went for help, the bear killed her. A neighbor later killed the bear.

Aug. 10, 1993: Colin McClelland, 24, was in a trailer when a bear tore open the door and attacked him in Fremont County, Colo. The bear was later killed.

Sept. 16, 1994: Ian Dunbar, 4, was attacked in the backyard of his home at 70 Mile House, British Columbia. The bear was killed.

June 14, 1996: Sevend Satre, 53, was checking a fence line near Tatlayoko Lake, British Columbia, when he was killed.

Aug. 14, 1997: Patti McConnell, 37, was on a boardwalk at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia when she was attacked. Raymond Kitchen, 56, heard the attack and attempted to save her, but was killed as well McConnell’s son and a 20-year-old man were injured. The bear was shot while standing over the victims.

May 21, 2000: Glenda Ann Bradley, 50, was attacked and partially consumed by a mother black bear and a cub in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tenn. The bears were shot and killed while standing over the body.

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